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Webcam Platform iWantEmpire Signed 7,500 Performers in 2017


The company behind iWantClips, iWantEmpire just released an announcement claiming that the fast-growing network managed to sign 7,500 new performers in 2017. 

The platform enables performers to build their own fanbase and to sell movie clips directly to the viewers. iWantEmpire treats all performers as entrepreneurs and takes a percentage of their sales as royalties. That means that every new performer means additional income for the network.

Jay Phillips, President of iWantEmpire said: »On behalf of everyone at iWantEmpire, I would like to congratulate those artists who saw the potential in owning their content and creating their future. Special thanks to everyone who has chosen the iWantEmpire network as their online place of business. As a result of our partner’s trust and feedback, we’ve had an opportunity to build an empire of sites, which cater to artist’s unique needs and visions, and we’ve experienced an incredible year of growth and prestige. We are looking forward to more expansion in 2018 with our devoted partners by our side.«

The company behind the massively successful shopping site for movie clips iWantClips started out in 2014. Among the offerings of the website are contents webcam performers, femdoms, findom experts, porn stars, cosplayers and fetishists of all possible niches.

Phillips thinks the diverse offering is the main reason for the success of his company: »These diverse artist offerings are celebrated and encouraged as they allow iWantEmpire to celebrate the fantasies and wide-ranging interests of fans around the world.«


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