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Infographic On the Life of Camgirls

a day in the life of a camgirl

The Camgirl company Stripchat started a poll among webcam models to gain information about their lives and conditions. To publish their results Stripchat created an infographic indicating that webcam models are far more than performers: they are self-made entrepreneurs in an industry that is growing fast.

Jim Austin is Head of Business Development at the webcam start-up Stripchat. He said about the results of Stripchat’s survey: »As a new company that’s focused on our cam models’ best interests, we decided to take an informal poll of performers in order to find out what motivates them and what we can do to help create a more successful business for them.«

One of the key objectives of the poll was to detail the motivations for becoming webcam models. Interestingly most women (87%) said that they »feel empowered by their webcam careers while others appreciate the freedom of working from home and building wealth as their own bosses.«

For most webcam models (44%) working for Stripchat is close to a full-time job. They say they work 30 hours a week or more. Nearly the same amount of models said that they are married, but don’t have kids and that they are focused on saving for retirement. The average income can be 128,000 Dollar per year.

Austin said: »People are really starting to understand the importance of building wealth and preparing for the future in a business with so much flexibility in terms of hours and location. Stripchat is ideal for models to use for selling not only live cam shows but videos and photo gallery content as well.«


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