CrakRevenue Launches Cross-Platform Widget


The affiliate network CrakRevenue now offers its customers a widget that allows websites to promote the most popular Cammodels regardless of the platform.

Commenting on the launch of the widget, Arnaud Guilon, CrakRevenue’s Cam Business Manager, said, »It’s time to rethink cam promotion. From this point forward, affiliates will be able to focus on generating traffic while our widget takes care of the rest — maximizing revenues.«

An algorithm ensures that only live cam actors are on display. In addition, the popularity of the performer, the number of viewers and the conversion rate to date play a large role in the selection that the widget makes. There is also the option of embedding live feeds of the cams in the ad space.

Guilon adds: »The widget is also 100 percent customizable, so it fits nicely on any website or ad spot. Webmasters and media buyers alike will be able to either choose a pre-defined template or create their own configuration regarding the number of columns and rows, colors, background type, font and more.«

Olivier Bourque is responsible for business development at CrakRevenue. About the widget, he says, »This is actually a huge opportunity for everybody involved. All the cam brands should expect to see a bump in traffic to their respective platforms; models are likely to experience higher viewership, and affiliates will now be able to generate more conversions with their traffic.«

More information can be found here.


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