NightProwl Acquiring ChatLive Studio

NightProwl cam studio

The Romanian cam operator NightProwl is expanding. In addition to taking over local competitor ChatLive Studio, the cam operator is investing a quarter of a million in expanding its business.

In addition to the foundation of a new studio in Constanța, NightProwl Studio invests in the takeover of its competitor ChatLive Studio. Whether a consolidation phase in the Romanian cam industry, which has been growing for years, is also about to begin is currently unclear.

Perhaps this is why NightProwl emphasizes the new investment. According to the company, one of the most modern cam studios in Europe will be created in Constanța and one focus of the company’s strategy will still be to increase sales per cam model. That would speak for further growth chances of the total market.

Romania’s cam industry is moving closer together

With ChatLive NightProwl acquires one of the best-established studios in one of the few booming industries in Romania. Sebi Onofrei founded the company more than ten years ago and wants to remain active in the industry: »I am confident that this studio under new leadership will continue to grow and evolve in a beautiful manner. I will still be around the live cam industry, providing services such as Camerolla and other projects to come in the near future.«

Commenting on the acquisition, a NightProwl spokesman said, »By passing the reins over to NightProwl, Onofrei is ensuring his work from the last decade will remain in good hands. Nightprowl Iasi is under renovation and scheduled to reopen in mid-September.«

NightProwl on track for growth

NightProwl was founded in 2011 by Alex Gheorghe, who is also one of the found fathers of Romania’s trade association for cam operators. He has already co-founded the AWSummit. Commenting on the takeover of the competitor, Gheorghe says: »I do not intend to create the largest network of models in terms of quantity. We are focusing on making real progress day-by-day, maintaining our position and increasing the quality level of our models and certainly the revenue per model.«

Gheorghe confidently explains: »We have a leading role when it comes to a model’s income, and monetizing, and we will not stop here. We will keep delivering more than expected.«

More information about NightProwl can be found here.


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