MyDirtyHobby Helping Homeless People In Berlin

Schnuggie91 My Dirty Hobby

Berlin, January 2021. Winter rules over Germany, while Corona continues to affect everyone’s daily life – a particularly difficult time for homeless people. To help these very individuals, MyDirtyHobby held a relief drive for the homeless in Berlin on Thursday, January 21. The online community embarked on a tour of Berlin and partnered with local organizations to distribute goods to those in need. »We are happy to be able to stand up for those who have not been so fortunate in life and we are really happy to support this kind of campaign,« explained a spokesperson. »With our charity activity, the aid arrives directly at the place where it is really needed without any detours,« brand ambassador Schnuggie91 adds. The aid packages contain various urgently needed items such as sleeping mats, sleeping bags, gloves or thick socks, but also a flashlight and tickets for the Berlin public transport (BVG). MyDirtyHobby celebrated its 15th anniversary last year, but had to cancel its big party. However, the party will instead be held in 2021. Ideally also in Berlin, because every year in October the amateur community visits the city for the VENUS Berlin where the company showcases its services and platform with hundreds of girls to numerous German fans.



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