Free Sex & Couples Therapy on Stripchat


The couple therapist Nicoletta von Heidegger hosted a free live stream on Stripchat for Valentine’s Day. The therapist and sexologist gave advice to interested chat users from all over the world. Stripchat thus launched a wide-ranging program that offers free psychological support to users of the site.

The VENUS exhibitor and cam operator Stripchat created a separate area for psychological and sexual counseling on its portal. The so-called »Sexuality Resource Center« opened its doors on Valentine’s Day. The first live stream session was held with the well-known couple therapist Nicoletta von Heidegger.

The first session was entitled: »How To Talk With Your Partner About Your Fantasies«. All sessions will continue to be available in the “Sexuality Resource Center” section so that you can benefit from the free therapy even if you have missed the live stream.

Max Bennet, Stripchat’s VP, said about the launch of the service: »This Valentine’s Day, Stripchat can help save your relationship. Many cam users come to Stripchat because they aren’t able to engage fantasies at home — a secret that can silence desire and become toxic. The upcoming session with Nicoletta is aimed at helping those people better speak with their partners about their sexual needs, including why they visit cams.«

Already last August, the successful cam company launched a trial balloon with Dr. David to find out if a psychotherapeutic service and counseling content is popular with Stripchat users. The great success has now led to the establishment of the Sexuality Resource Center.

Dr. Ley will also offer a stream again. The upcoming session will deal with the topic of what your fantasies mean and how to deal with them.

Stripchat emphasizes that the expansion of the offer is not a flash in the pan, but will be massively expanded in the future. »This is the first phase of a massive initiative Stripchat will undertake this year, helping our users reconcile their online and offline lives. We see our cams, which reach 60 million visitors each month, as a platform for healthier sex and sexuality. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s good business.«

More information about strip chat and the Sexuality Resource Center can be found here and on the platform’s website.


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