CAM4 With New Podcast On Male Sexuality

cam4 podcast

The webcam operator CAM4 is adding a second series to its podcast range. In »How’s It Hanging?« the focus will be on erectile dysfunction and sexual psychology. The show will be hosted by health expert and sex researcher Paul Nelson.

The VENUS exhibitor CAM4 launched the first podcast a few months ago. In »A Mouthful With Laura & Romi« superstar Romi Rain and model Laura Desirée chat about the world of adult entertainment.

Apparently the format was so successful that the cam provider now wants to have more podcasts added to its portfolio. With »CAM4 Presents: How’s It Hanging?« the company is opening up the seldom seriously addressed topic of male sexuality and adapting it for the increasingly popular medium of podcasts.

With health expert Paul Nelson, CAM4 has found an ideal host for its podcast. He works as a clinical sexologist at Maze Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in New York and is the founder of the wellness network In each episode, Nelson talks to a variety of people from many different fields: Urologists, sexual psychologists, chemists, sex workers, Kink enthusiasts and many more will offer insights into the often tabooed areas of male sexuality.

A spokesperson for CAM4 says about Nelson: »His passion is facilitating access to important information about health and wellness and destigmatizing certain health issues and concerns so people are free to ask questions and get the help and support they need.«

Nelson himself is also excited about his new show: »I am absolutely thrilled to produce this podcast with CAM4. Funny enough, I’m known for encouraging patients to explore CAM4 for a multitude of reasons, so this collaboration is a natural fit. These conversations are so necessary, and our objective is to create a welcoming and informative platform, featuring discussions with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable folks in the game.«

The podcast will be available across all major platforms and will be released in seasons of 10 episodes each. For more information on »How’s It Hanging«, please click here.  You can reach the CAM4 website here.


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