Angela White On Cover Of 45th Anniversary Issue Of Hustler Magazine

Angela White

Porn superstar Angela White graces the cover of the current Hustler magazine. The occasion was the 45th birthday of the controversial and always influential Hustler magazine published by the legendary entrepreneur Larry Flynt.

Angela White
Angela White

Several world-famous porn stars appear in the anniversary issue of the once heavily infamous sex magazine. In addition to Angela White, Ginger Lynn and Jenna Jameson are also featured.

Angela White is currently one of the most famous and sought-after porn stars in the world. About her collaboration with the infamous Hustler magazine, she says: »When I think of Hustler I think freedom. I think of the transgressive and subversive nature of the magazine and the many battles that Larry Flynt has fought to defend his and everyone’s freedom of expression.«

But White doesn’t stop there yet. She makes a fundamental plea for pornography. »Porn was the first place I saw women being celebrated for expressing their sexuality, and it was the first time in my life that I was able to truly be myself.«

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt himself also comments on the birthday of his most famous product and strikes similarly emotional notes: »We have advocated for free speech, sexual freedom, and communication, civil liberties for all and never caved in to the censorship that so many have tried to put on us. I would like to think that we have fought the good fight not only for ourselves but for future generations.«

Generally, the birthday issue of the magazine shows its political-activist side. Jil Love can be seen in a protest against Trump’s wall on the US southern border with Mexico. The actress had herself photographed on the Walk of Fame during a nude protest against Trump’s immigration policy on Donald Trump’s star.

Women’s rights and a fight against so-called slut shaming also find their place in the magazine. Also, Flynt’s lifelong fight against the US gun lobby and for better financing of the treatment of mental illnesses are treated as usually boldly by the Hustler.

Those who want to celebrate the 45th birthday of the perhaps most contentious mouthpiece of the erotic industry can visit the magazine’s website to find out how to get an issue of the anniversary issue.


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