New Smooci App is the Next Generation Escort Directory

Leading the way to improving escorting safety

smooci app

The Smooci App is aimed at escorts, agencies and their users to help streamline the booking process and improve the safety and experience of all parties involved. It is the first genuinely live escort booking system, where users can see who’s online and view average ratings as they browse.

For the client

If an escort declines the booking, the client is informed why. However, once a booking has been accepted (usually within three minutes), the client gets a screen showing the booking info, direct contact details and booking status. They are then further notified when the escort is on her way and a link to track the progress of their date via GPS.

Once the booking is complete, the client is sent a link to ‘rate their date’, add a comment and vote whether the photos are accurate. If a photo has more than 80% yes votes from clients, then it will be verified which can be seen by other users. Premium clients can also see offline escorts and set alerts to notify them when they are back online as well as the comments from other clients about their experience with the escort.

For the escort

When an escort is notified of a booking, it will show the the client’s full details, GPS link to the claimed location, booking details of services and costs, as well as any additional notes the client has added. The escort can then see if the client has had any previous bookings and their ratings as a customer which will aid them when deciding whether to accept the booking.

If the date goes ahead, the escort will tap ‘complete’ once it has finished and are then sent a link to rate the client and inform Smooci if there were any notable issues. If the escort doesn’t hit complete the booking auto completes after end time. Smooci are looking to add a feature that tracks bookings where the escort hasn’t hit complete and make contact to check everything is okay.

Additional info

  • Smooci has been available in Bangkok since its launch in 2016 and is currently spreading in other countries in Asia. The European launch is set for this Autumn.
  • The app is currently available for Android phones but expected iOS launch by October this year.
  • Currently 573 registered escorts, 21,580 trusted reviews and 48,451 completed bookings.

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