The Dating App With Oral Sex


Penelope Tamblyn reports for MENSXP: »We live in a day and age when we don’t have to lift a finger if we don’t want to, unless there’s an app for that, too. From monitoring our sleep cycles to our work schedules—there is an app for everything in this world, today. We rely on these apps for everything—from getting from Point A to Point B, to choosing the person we’d like to date. So, it comes as no surprise that we now have an app that lets us have oral sex—yes, hold your breath—through your iPhone.

The app, The O-Cast by CamSoda, is what I’d like to call the Kim Kardashian of dating apps. In fact, it takes it a little too far. But, hey, who’s complaining anyway? Speaking about the app, David Moye of Huffington Post, wrote, “Smartphones… now can also allow you to perform cunninlingus just by licking your phone. That’s the idea behind ‘O-Cast,’ a new digital marketplace that allows people to upload simulated oral sex sessions that can be then downloaded on to a vibrator via bluetooth.” So, yes, it’s all about letting your tongue waggle, literally.

How It Works?

You simply lick the screen of your phone and slide the phone the way you want, in order to record the motion. You can set the vibration levels accordingly, from high to low. And in case you think using your tongue to lick your phone screen is just too bizarre, you can use your finger too. “You can also use your finger, but telling people to lick the phone helps the click bait. If your phone screen is clean, you should be OK,” said a CamSoda spokesperson to Huffpost.

The patterns are said to last for up to 60 seconds, that’s 1 minute, at a length. The motions can be linear, circular or a combination of different variations as long as it causes the phone to vibrate. These vibratory motions are then connected via Bluetooth to Lush which is a remote control vibrator available for approximately $100 a piece. Through the use of this vibrator, your partner can feel your motions, even if you’re in a long distance arrangement.

According to research conducted on the App by Press, the technology of the app has been tested on models working at CamSoda, an adult entertainment website that also owns the app, The O-Cast. According to Press, “They (the cam models) gravitated towards the higher vibrations. I didn’t think they’d want a product that vibrates so aggressively. When I hold it, I can feel the vibes down my forearm.” One of the models, Charley Hart said about the app, “I loved it. Nothing is like the real thing, but it’s great when the other person is far away. Guys who are good at it are rare, so a guy who is, I’m calling back.” Another model, Caroline Phinney raised an important point through her own experience, stating that, “However, it is slightly scary knowing the person supplying you with that orgasm could be some weird old man in his mom’s basement, because I am convinced they are the kind of people who catch wind of these sorts of apps first.”

You could say that the app works along the same model as dating apps do. You don’t really know who is on the other side until and unless you see them in the real world. But, for those who are up for a little (read, A LOT) experimentation and have a partner who is controlling the motions, this could actually revolutionise the way people give and experience oral sex.«


  1. Do you also have posts from Canadian singles , we have them here also that also love Oral , could we possibly work with you hre in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada ?

  2. That is truely something different – seeing more and more app based toys and VR toys – this is just another but it is not like anything I have heard of before. Must be a bit strange licking the phone. It should come with a dildo recording device – that might give en even more realistic felling. But yeah exiting news – looking forward to following this project.


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