CAM4 Launching New Podcast

CAM4 Licked & Loaded

The webcam operator and VENUS exhibitor CAM4 has successfully entered the podcast market for some time now. With CAM4Radio a label was established specifically designed to bundle the audio content offered by the company. With »Licked & Loaded with Laura Desirée« CAM4 is now expanding its audio portfolio.

With the new podcast CAM4 wants to introduce a diverse interview show, where Laura Desirée discusses a variety of topics concerning sex work, sexuality and cancel culture with different guests. Drag Star Lady Bunny was her guest of the first episode.

Laura Desirée will be the host of the new podcast. She says: »It’s been such a wild and wonderful ride putting this series together during the age of isolation and strictly virtual conversations. The goal was to see a provocative question become a conversation… a conversation that takes the listener from the playfulness of the bar room to the intimacy of the bedroom.«

According to CAM4, a new episode of the series will be released every week on Thursdays and will feature many surprise guests.

After »A Mouthful With Laura & Romi« and »How’s It Hanging«, »Licked & Loaded« is the third podcast by CAM4. All three shows are available via the usual podcast platforms and can also be accessed in video form via the CAM4 YouTube account.

Further information can be found on CAM4’s Youtube channel or on the standard podcast channels. We also highly recommend the German-language CAM4 account on Youtube, where CAM4 also produces custom content. You can find the CAM4 website here.

Here the first episode:



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