VAN’s 3rd Anniversary

3 jahre VAN

With the dawn of the new decade, VENUS ADULT NEWS had another reason to celebrate: For three years now, we have been reporting bilingually on developments in the industry, on news about sex and adult entertainment from all over the world, always following a very clear line pro sex-positivity, lust, joy of life and love. 

As a news portal for the industry, for retailers, manufacturers, studios, actors, sex workers, and industry-related companies, VENUS ADULT NEWS has been the only industry new outlet to provide bilingual news in German and English week after week to a steadily growing readership of industry representatives, professionals and interested readers from all over the world.

In our three-year history, it has become clear to us that reporting from the perspective of human sexuality touches on almost all subject areas: Politics, economy, medicine, society, media, technology, science, and entertainment – nothing escapes our attention, sexuality and eroticism are deeply rooted in the human condition.

The pioneering role of adult entertainment in adopting and implementing new technologies is now widely known. But the industry is also an extremely reliable seismograph for social developments: Liberal or restrictive political trends have an immediate impact and are sometimes of existential importance for many industry members.

The groundbreaking rise of the sex-toy market to a global growth industry, the enormous upheavals in pornography and sex work, the digitalization of human sexuality, the increasing social awareness, and openness for sexual issues, but also the worldwide efforts of reactionary forces to censor human sexuality once again are the major topics on whose background we present the weekly news to our readers, contextualize them and comment on them from time to time.

We hope that you will remain loyal to us in 2020, that our articles, interviews, and portraits are and remain useful and/or entertaining for you and wish you a good and successful start into the new decade.


Your VAN Editorial Team


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