Svakom’s Alex Neo Gets Mentioned On Reality TV

first dates screenshot

The Alex Neo by US sex toy manufacturer Svakom got a prominent cameo appearance, in the reality TV format »First Dates« on Spanish TV.

The Spanish TV series »First Dates« is currently getting Svakom’s Alex Neo a lot of attention. In the midst of Valentine’s Day buzz, an episode of the series aired with the Alex Neo being brought as a present by one of the show’s contestants and presented to the show’s host.

Commenting on the welcome mainstream recognition of its device, a spokesperson for Svakom said, »We are happy to see our products demonstrating open-minded behavior. The reactions of shock and surprise further highlight the stigmatized nature of masturbation and sex in conversation, and from Iker bringing it up casually and explaining it just like anything else, we’re happy to see those around him becoming more open to the discussion and more intrigued by the use of sexual wellness products.«

For more information on the VENUS exhibitor, visit Svakom’s website.


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