Satisfyer Debuts With New Products At ANME Founders


Satisfyer, the sister company of the Bielefeld-based sextoy retailer Eis GmbH, celebrated its debut at this year’s ANME Founders. Its first appearance at the major industry trade fair in Burbank, California, the company celebrated with the launch of new products and a preview of upcoming innovations.

Satisfyer is now one of the few German global players in the sextoy market and has a brand with a very clear product line and worldwide marketing budget. Now, for the first time, the company has exhibited at one of North America’s most important industry meetings: the ANME Founders in the US state of California.

The company, which will again be exhibiting at VENUS Berlin later this year along with its sister company, introduced new collections and brands in Burbank, including Satisfyer Layons and Satisfyer Luxury.

Luxury & Layons make a strong debut in the USA

Elegant and slim designs are being presented under the new label Satisfyer Luxury. Waterproof, Air Pulse Technology and additional vibration features are embodied by the sex toys with the names Haute Couture, High Fashion and Pret-à-Porter. Apparently, the company, which has a huge marketing budget in the USA, also wants to further expand into the lucrative high-end market.

The Bielefeld-based company launched four products under the Satisfyer Layons label: Dark Desire, Purple Pleasure, Sweet Sensation and White Temptation. The collection features a playful design with round and curvy lines.

The company also showcased the new Partner Multifun 3, Satisfyer Rings, the One Night Stand and the Satisfyer Men Wand.

A German recipe for success: cheeky online retailing & strong global brands

Satisfyer is therefore continuing with its full-throttle approach and will continue to put pressure on the market in 2020. The combination of an aggressive online retailer with friendly marketing (EIS) and a global sex tech brand advertising in glossy magazines (Satisfyer) seems to be paying off. Just recently, the group secured the rights to the exclusive worldwide use of the brand name Penthouse in the sex toy market.

In Germany, the VENUS Berlin trade fair in October will give visitors a chance to see the new products for themselves. The Satisfyer website can be found here. This link goes to the website.


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