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What VENUS fans have always known for years, should also have become clear to supposedly more high brow contemporaries after a big interview in DER SPIEGEL, Germany’s number one news magazine: Micaela Schäfer does not only look great and is a friendly, approachable adult star, she is also smart and knows all about the functioning of mass media. A smart, sensual star for an often still rather prudish country.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Micaela Schäfer, Germany’s biggest erotic star, shows her quick-witted edge and proves that eroticism, sensuality, sex positivity, showmanship and astute intelligence can go perfectly together. The fact that she is not only aware of her role, but has also drawn early lessons from experiencing rejections by mainstream media outlets becomes perfectly clear.

Der Spiegel opens the conversation with a thorny question about Claudia Hein, the winner of the Miss Germany title 2004, exactly the same year Micaela Schäfer was competing for the crown when she was banished from the competition due to the publication of nude photos. As quick-witted as Micaela is, she refuses to get caught up in the journalist’s trap and immediately shoots back at the interviewer: »Is that your ex or what?«

She answered the SPIEGEL’s question as to why Hein was not remembered and Schäfer is well-known today, with a simple but biting: “Well, scandals: The press simply reports more about them.« From the implicit accusation that Schäfer’s success is based on the so-called shallowness of her approach by just getting naked, the erotic star serves a finely tuned media criticism: Media are creating the attention. In other words: No premium magazine can do without clickbait.

In a few sentences, she made clear that she has been a constant presence in all the major reality tv formats of the last 15 years: Miss Germany, Germany’s Next Top Model, Das Supertalent, Dschungelcamp. It becomes clear that the mainstream media may need her more than Micaela needs them.

Schäfer refuses to let others define her. She is neither a singer, nor an actress, nor an influencer, nor a traditional model. »In the old days, there were singers, actresses, models, and women could still be put into these categories. I’d call myself an erotic model.«

Schäfer has created her role and her job herself and transforms the inability of others to label her into an act of liberation. She doesn’t care about social media: »If Instagram goes broke tomorrow, I wouldn’t give a shit.«

She openly admits that she sees herself in television, she is an entertainer, that’s her profession. But even the last remaining watercooler moments of German television, the big talk shows bore her: »I’ve already been on ‘Markus Lanz’ several times. There are eight people sitting in a circle. How is that supposed to work? You won’t get a word in.« Again and again, she demonstrates how almost all media are pretty much empty of real content, especially those media that look down on her.

But Micaela Schäfer is not only well versed in media criticism. In financial matters, too, no one can fool her so quickly. »I was recently in a panel discussion in Vienna, together with a politician and a real estate guy. It was about money. I revealed that I am a real estate millionaire. Then there was a short pause and people thought: ‘Wow – I am not a real estate millionaire!’ I’ve been walking around with my same old handbag for seven years now, I’d rather invest my money sensibly.«

In the interview, she also talks about her plans to launch her own magazine. So far it seems to be a vague idea but she would like to publish her own erotic magazine. Pushed by the interviewer she spontaneously comes up with a concept: »An erotic magazine for him and her. Because there are already erotic magazines for men, only us women, we don’t get our money’s worth. We can read something about lipstick or about which aristocrats are divorcing at the moment. But if I also want to read something about sex, it gets desolate. This is what is missing!«

In the course of the conversation, SPIEGEL tries, again and again, to find out to what extent Schäfer is aware of her role and asks her why she thinks there is so much interest in »trash TV«. She says: »We are all voyeuristic. We want to believe that we know the lives of celebrities. We suspect that everyone is just playing a role in front of the camera. Nevertheless, I’m a proud trash lady.«

Of course, according to Schäfer, she plays a part on television. »Of course I pretend. I always get naked. No producer asks me to do that, but they would be disappointed if I didn’t get naked. I don’t do that though in a café on Monday mornings.«

Micaela Schäfer reveals herself once again as a Merkel supporter and CDU voter but she doesn’t want to be drawn into daily politics. »I’m telling people on Facebook not to vote for the AfD, but I’m not starting a political discussion. No good can come from that.«

Micaela Schäfer is also open about her cosmetic surgeries. She likes to age, but she wants to keep her body fit and beautiful. That gives her pleasure. But she has no illusions about it. »Meanwhile women think ‘I need bigger breasts and a thicker bottom’. I tell them: Do that, but it won’t solve your problems! You still have to work, be ambitious and disciplined, you can’t just buy something like that from a doctor. But bigger breasts: Sorry honey, you can pay for them in installments, too.«

Her job is still fun for her. But she wouldn’t advise young girls to emulate her. »I stand by the product Micaela Schäfer,« she says clearly and self-confidently. “But that won’t be your cup of tea. You won’t stomach the bad press and the criticism, it won’t make you happy.«

Micaela Schäfer has all kinds of plans for the future. She can imagine a fashion line, but also her own talk show. In the end DER SPIEGEL also wants to know from her what a talk show with her would look like. Her response? »This will, of course, be a show in which only C celebrities get on stage. They have fun stories to tell but never get the chance. There should be time for that on TV. Or I cast the next C celebrity. The winner gets a green card to the ‘jungle camp’. That’s all worked out, I’m just waiting for RTL to get in touch with me.«

So all that remains is to hope that some TV station understands the brilliance of the concept and signs her on. For the time being, we are delighted that she is still active for VENUS and that she will be the face of the fair this year alongside Patricia Blanco. She has been a constant presence in the halls for years and always delights visitors and exhibitors anew.

You can find the complete interview here.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to secure a selfie with Germany’s biggest erotic star from 17 to 20 October. One more reason not to miss the 23rd VENUS!


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