Little Caprice Shows Hot Action On European Vineyards

little caprice

VENUS Star Little Caprice might have become a global superstar but she never forgets her roots. Aside from visiting the VENUS year after year she feels a special connection to her home region of South Moravia. The beautiful vineyards serve as a backdrop for her new movie.

The latest movie created by Little Caprice and her husband Marcello Bravo, the beautiful czech brunette wanted to show her fans the beautiful landscape of her home region. She took her husband and co-star Alexis Crystal to the Moravian wine region in the southeast of the Chzech Republic.

Little Caprice said, »We want to bring always some new unique stuff in the industry. That’s why we thought, what about a scene in the middle of the wine fields on a hill during the sunset? Also the last two years we won the award for the Best International Girl/Girl Sex Scene at AVN, so we must bring something different and new than the year’s before.«

She added, »The location is close to our new house we moved in before six months. Marcello drives around there and found the perfect spot. What was more difficult was to find this old tractor. We got lucky that a friend of a friend had something like what we used in the scene.«

According to Caprice the region is ideal for wine production because of the weather. She said, »We have a lot of sun and it’s the perfect spot for wine«, and added that she loves wine and has a collection of more than 30 bottles.

About her co-star, Alexis Crystal, Little Caprice said, »She is for me one of the best porn star in Czech and EU. She works so many years in the industry and she loves sex. That’s why we choose her. She is living in Prague and we had always a good chemistry.«

Aside from that, she added, »For us it is very important to work with girls who give 110 percent passion and she can do that. Also we know we don’t have a lot of time until the sunset, so we need a professional actress.«

The couple did a little extra work for the costumes of the scene. Caprice explained, »We Google a bit how farmers looks like and combine it in a sexy way. That’s why we combine rain boots with sexy lingerie. We guess nobody try that out before. As you can see at the results, boots with lingerie looks amazing.«

Little Caprice is very happy with the result and reports, »It was an amazing experience because it was something new – to ride on a tractor up the hills and then we had amazing sex during the sunset. The light was amazing on the end in the middle in the wine fields. Just wow. And then after the scene we drank some bottles of wine.«

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