LELO Launches Ad Campaign With Stoya

Stoya Instagram Lelo

The Swedish manufacturer of luxury sex toys is cooperating with the world-famous porn actress Stoya. The actress, who is also known for her directing and writing, is an ideal public face for the luxury manufacturer, who will once again be attending this year’s VENUS Berlin.

As part of an advertising campaign on Instagram, the Swedish sextoy company LELO was able to win over the well-known actress Stoya. The campaign also aims to circumvent the increasingly stringent censorship requirements of Facebook’s subsidiary Instagram.

Therefore, there is not much more to be seen in the advertisement than the face of the bustling performer. The clip, which lasts about one minute, remains entirely focused on Stoya’s face, while she presses the flagship product of the Swedes, the LELO Sona Cruise vibrator, onto her tongue. Meanwhile, she tries to read the advertising copy.

Statistics about masturbation among men and women complement the commercial. But there are also more suggestive sequences to be seen, all within the guidelines of the social media giant, who is making it increasingly difficult for the erotic industry as well as for performers and artists to maintain their right to freedom of expression.

The clip ends with numerous variations of the word “science”, which Stoya purrs again and again like a cat. Here’s the spot:

This year again you can take a closer look at LELO’s products and services at VENUS Berlin. The friendly staff at the booth of the company will be happy to show you the function of their toys and tell you which novelties will enter the market soon.

Interviews with LELO from VENUS Berlin 2017 and 2018 can be found here and here.


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