Exclusive Interview with Micaela Schäfer: 10 Years As Face of VENUS

Nacktschnecke Micaela Schäfer VENUS Berlin
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10 Questions for Micaela Schäfer on the 10th Anniversary as the VENUS Face

At this year’s 26th VENUS, running from October 26 to 29 in Berlin, Germany’s best known nude performer celebrates her 10th anniversary as the face of VENUS. In an exclusive interview, the iconic model provides insights into her long-standing relationship with VENUS, her most exciting experiences, and plans for the future.

How big is your anticipation for your 10th VENUS?

Micaela Schäfer: My anticipation is huge. For me, VENUS is always the absolute highlight and THE event of the year. I look forward to it every year and there is an excitement that is hard to put into words. I’m always completely sad when VENUS is over again and I tend to start planning outfits and events for the fair months in advance. In fact, VENUS is something like my second living room. Interestingly, I have been part of VENUS for more than ten years. Actually, my journey began back in 2006 when I became ‘Miss VENUS’. I simply have a very, very long connection with VENUS.

How did you experiences your very first VENUS? Were you excited, maybe even shocked at first by all the new impressions?

Micaela Schäfer: Not at all! I was at VENUS for the first time 15 years ago. When I was named ‘Miss VENUS’ in 2006, it was my first official participation in this fair. I felt totally comfortable from the start. There was nothing shocking about it for me. I am really an erotic model through and through, heart and soul. I also love the whole topic of erotica and sex in general. That’s why I was neither nervous nor shocked. I think it was just destiny. VENUS is simply my workplace and I feel so incredibly comfortable here.

What are you looking forward to the most this year?

Micaela Schäfer: This year I’m especially looking forward to seeing many of my colleagues again. It’s always wonderful when you see all the hot girls in their hot outfits. It’s always a joy to meet the other models and personalities in the industry. Of course, there are also numerous exhibitors presenting their latest products. You’d think there wouldn’t be much change possible in the adult world, but VENUS proves the opposite time and again. There are always new and exciting developments, especially when it comes to toys. These can even be tested at the fair. I’m also looking forward to exploring the large »kinky« area and discovering what exciting things there are to see there.

What was your most beautiful moment emotionally?

Micaela Schäfer: That’s a difficult question. To be honest, there have been so many great moments at VENUS that it’s hard to single out one as the most beautiful or emotional. VENUS itself is just a sexy event, and if you want to call that emotional too, then it’s simply the whole four days.

And what was your most bizarre experience?

Micaela Schäfer: Of course, there were also bizarre moments. For example, I remember a wedding taking place at the fair. Yes, two people actually got married there. That was definitely one of the more bizarre experiences at VENUS.

Which VENUS stands out most in your memory and why?

Micaela Schäfer: I can’t really say exactly. I have to say that every VENUS is always special in its own way, very special. And I can really remember every single one of them, because there are always surprises. The faces of VENUS are always super hot and extremely diverse, changing from year to year. Also women you wouldn’t expect at all. There are such different women, like when Naddel was there, Gina Lisa or Patricia Blanco. And of course Ron Bielecki as the first male face. VENUS doesn’t conform to one pattern, because eroticism is just very diverse. And basically, I think anyone can become a VENUS face, because eroticism is absolutely free from these typical boundaries like age or appearance or sexual orientation. VENUS is there for everyone.

Which other VENUS face do you have particularly fond memories of?

Micaela Schäfer: There have been many colleagues I worked with at VENUS and with whom I share wonderful memories. I had a great time with Patricia Blanco. She has an extremely quick wit and sense of humor, and it was great fun experiencing VENUS with her. Working with Ron Bielecki, the first male VENUS ambassador, was also very funny and entertaining. But Gina Lisa Lohfink, Sarah Joelle and many others also enriched my VENUS experiences. Sarah Joelle is a good friend of mine and of course it’s always great when you get to experience such a great fair with friends. I remember that very fondly.

Are you planning more crazy stunts at VENUS in the future?

Micaela Schäfer: Yes, crazy stunts are always possible at VENUS. It remains exciting, and I’m constantly planning new ideas. Who knows, maybe I’ll soon present my third breast – that’s still in the planning. But the great thing about VENUS is that there are no set rules. Here I can do whatever comes to mind. There is no dress code, I love that so much. In fact, I don’t know any other fair that offers such freedom when it comes to clothing. That means you can come to VENUS however you like, and I think that’s just great.

How many more VENUS editions would you like to do?

Micaela Schäfer: Of course as many years as possible! In my opinion, there are no limits. For me, age is also no limit, because sex and eroticism have nothing to do with age. These topics are timeless and can be enjoyed into old age. I feel very connected to VENUS and hope I can spend many more years in this role – preferably until retirement. And even when I do retire someday, I could very well continue working at VENUS in an honorary capacity.

When will you bring your child to VENUS?

Micaela Schäfer: As soon as my kid is 18 years old. After all, you have to be 18 to access VENUS. But I will definitely give my child a VENUS ticket for their 18th birthday. That much is certain already!

Tickets for VENUS 2023 can be purchased in advance at https://www.venus-berlin.com/tickets/ or at the box office.

More information at www.venus-berlin.com.


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