Conny Dachs With New Column Called Dachs-O-Meter

Conny Dachs

One of the best-known faces of the VENUS Berlin has been porn actor and presenter Conny Dachs for years. Now he writes about new sex trends on under the section Dachs-O-Meter.

As a visitor to VENUS and a fan of German adult entertainment, you probably already know Conny Dachs from many years ago. Dachs has been active in the porn business for over 25 years and has shot with stars like Gina Wild, Marina Montana and Tara Young. As a cheerful presenter, Dachs is an indispensable part of the VENUS line-up of hosts.

Now he wants to report on sex trends month after month with the Dachs-O-Meter and provide insights into the porn world. We all know him, but humble as Dachs is, he says he has to introduce himself first: »Even though you may have seen me naked two, three or a hundred times.«

At the beginning of his new column, he first explains to his fans how his stage name came about: »Actually, I wanted to shoot porn under the name Conny Dax. You know: my cock rises like the German stock market prices. But back then you still had to communicate by phone, like in the Stone Age. There must have been a misunderstanding. At least I was made a dachs [which is German for badger] in some press releases.«

Dachs also offers insights into his background as a musician and explains that most porn sets are far cleaner and more hygienic than many clubs and parties: »Back in the old days, long before I started in the porn business, I was even a singer in a punk band. But in between, there are now almost 30 years and countless porn productions. The sets are surprisingly less dirty than our old rehearsal room in Osnabrück!«

Dachs’ life was not always as luxurious and sizzlingly sexy as it is today. After his time as a musician, he had to get by with one job after another until he was discovered. He says: »To finance my overly glamorous life of pizza and beer, I worked as an animator on Fuerteventura in the summer. Sun, beach, beautiful ladies in bikinis, and in the middle of it all Conny! My talents did not remain hidden for long: a talent scout approached me and recruited me for his next project. A few weeks later I was lying naked in front of two naked women, surrounded by cameras.«

On Redlight Guide, he now wants to explore adult entertainment and the sex industry and give his fans insights into the porn world. »Redlight Guide and I go together like dildos and lube. I have so many stories to tell! Like the one movie where I played more than three different roles. Or the time I fell off my bike in a scene and we had to put the caring medical treatment by Marina Montana into the script.«

Asked how he came to do porn, he disarmingly writes: »My honest answer would have to be: life as a porn star is pretty tough. But in return, it gets really awesome sometimes!«

He is promising his fans that things will get hot in his column. You can find the new issue of the Dachs-O-Meter here.



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