BongaCams Becomes Second VENUS Exhibitor To Sponsor Pineapple Support


VENUS exhibitor BongaCams has announced that it has also decided to support the non-profit organization Pineapple Support as a sponsor. Thus the association for psychological help for porn actors, sex workers, and adult models has won another strong partner to fight depression, stigmatization, and suicide among members of the industry.

BongaCams is the second VENUS exhibitor this year to join the circle of sponsors of the mental aid network for the erotic industry. More than 40 companies and organizations already support Pineapple Support, which was only launched a little more than a year ago, as several deaths made it clear to the industry that many performers were having difficulty getting psychological help due to the social stigma.

BongaCams supports the work of Pineapple Support with an annual donation. It is becoming increasingly clear that the companies in the industry need to stand together and advocate for the non-judgmental psychological help for their weakest members.

Pineapple’s work benefits numerous actors and performers who either could not find adequate help so far or who lacked the financial means to get psychological help.

With BongaCams, PineApple gains another strong partner from the ranks of VENUS exhibitor, aside from  A spokesperson for the company says: »BongaCams are proud to be sponsors of Pineapple Support. We believe in the work they do and want to do our part. It’s important for us to help.«

Leya Tanit, the founder of Pineapple Support, is also pleased about the financial support from the cam site operator: »We are incredibly grateful to BongaCams for their continuing support. The increasing sponsorship from cam companies sends a message that the mental health of cam models is being taken seriously across the industry. The support of sponsors like BongaCams enables the continued service that we provide to the adult community, as we look towards our two-year anniversary in January.«

Meanwhile, the organization can boast of having helped more than 700 performers with providing mental health care. The organization offers cost-effective, unbiased psychotherapy treatments, therapies, counseling, and emotional support to performers worldwide through all communication channels.

For more information, please visit the BongaCams website as well as the Pineapple Support website.


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