Running A Sex Shop #07: Untamed Love, Switzerland

untamed love sexshop

These days the first queer feminist online sex shop in Switzerland was opened. It is called Untamed.Love and was established by Jessica Sigerist and Tobias Zimmermann. The two say of themselves and their company that they love sex, but do not tolerate sexism in any way.

The Swiss entrepreneurs Jessica Sigerist and Tobias Zimmermann opened the first queer and feminist online sex shop in Switzerland. In doing so, the two opted for complete renunciation of any perceived sexist depictions and a clear commitment to lust, sensuality and sexual freedom.

The shop presents itself with a lot of humor and a playful design that is supposed to emphasize joie de vivre. The advertising images for the various categories also reflect this fun-focused approach: instead of women with model measurements, there are diverse models and shapes that advertise the individual product categories. Sex as a celebration for all, as a cheerful pleasure.

In a way, according to the two entrepreneurs, the idea for the shop concept arose out of their own frustration. Sigerist explains: »Every time I wanted to buy a sex toy, I realized that there was hardly a place in Switzerland where I liked to spend my money. The big online shops are discriminating or filthy – and at best just boring as hell«. A rather harsh and unfair judgment. But when you’re so dissatisfied, you always do well to try better yourself. And that’s what they planned to do and founded Untamed.Love.

In addition to abandoning conventional visual language, the shop has also abandoned the traditional classification of toys according to gender and sorted the products according to themes. This is intended to abolish traditional gender roles and boundaries as the main decision-making criteria: What do I enjoy? What do we feel like doing? In this way, the two thought, their concept should be far more inviting than any shop model.

Sigerist says: »Whether trans or non-binary people – everyone is welcome here. Besides, you really don’t have to sell pink butt plugs for women and black plugs for men. We all have an ass.«

Sigerist points out another characteristic of While other shops sometimes advertise themselves with the sheer number of different articles and try to pretend to have everything, the queer-feminist sex shop also wants to differentiate itself by what it doesn’t have in the range: »There are also some toys that we deliberately didn’t include in the range. For example, masturbators that reduce women to their two openings. Or toys that would actually be great, but the packaging is illustrated in a way that makes body parts to objects.« This is likely to affect a large number of strokers and masturbators on the market.

In addition, they also try to behave ethically and eco-friendly. Thus the two Shop operators strive to sell only articles with materials that are safe for human health and the environment. From their point of view, these are glass, hard plastic, metal, and silicone. In their search for biodegradable vibrators, they did indeed find one. Aside from that, they offer fair trade condoms and a somewhat questionable toy made from »vegan leather«. What exactly is it made of then?

All in all, however, the concept promises a breath of fresh air and adds another innovative store concept to an already innovative market. Perhaps new customer groups for sex toys and erotic articles can be won in Switzerland in this way.

Further information can be found on the website of The amusing Instagram account of the shop can be found here.



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