Emerald Triangle Girls to Officially Launch on 4/20

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SAN FRANCISCO—Marijuana-themed adult site Emerald Triangle Girls officially launches Thursday—aptly coinciding with marijuana users’ annual day of celebration, 4/20.

Shot in Nothern California, amidst the region’s weed farms, grow houses and dispensaries, Emerald Triangle Girls features the adult industry’s hottest marijuana-loving starlets.

“There is incredible overlap between the local marijuana industry and the adult industry in California, both by performers and consumers,” Emerald Triangle Girls outreach director Carmen Meadow said. “Like VR, marijuana takes what might be otherwise a 2D experience and transforms it into something extrasensory. Whether you’re a performer or a consumer, it allows you to really settle into your body. It’s transformative, like adding salt on caramel.”

Emerald Triangle Girls was conceived by industry veterans who took notice of performers’ increasing use of marijuana and cannabis oil to heighten sensation before or after a shoot. Newly crowned Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Sativa, for one, even made it part of her identity.

“You’d sometimes catch them in the bathroom with a vape pen,” Meadows said. “Or see them with an edible in the bag. We thought, why not bring this out in the open? Both sex and cannabis are natural, and both are subjected to social stigma and shame. We’re Californians! Our rights to weed and lesbian sex are enshrined in our constitution!”

A new SFW trailer featuring women talking about their first time with pot is available at ETG420.com.

Models interested in performing for Emerald Triangle Girls and affiliates interested in promoting the site may email [email protected].

Pictured: Penny Pax.



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