Curvy Escorts In High Demand: Kaufmich Supports Sex Workers


Reality TV shows like GNTM are one of the many reasons why the topic of body positivity is repeatedly in the focus of the mainstream interest. This movement passionately advocates  the diversity of all body shapes and sizes, leaving behind the rigid beauty ideal of 90-60-90. The clear message is: Every body is beautiful as they are. But what does that mean in everyday life? And is this trend also taking hold in jobs emphasizing beauty standards and the body itself – like the escort industry for example?

Plus size model LadyMary works as a sex worker. On the free social network, interested clients can find the curvy sex worker’s profile and get in touch with her. The 36-year-old stands by her body and her curves, but that wasn’t always the case. She comments, »I struggled with my body for years and always tried to meet the unrealistic beauty ideals of society. I constantly compared myself to others and was ashamed of my body.«

She adds: »When I started getting interested in working as an escort, I first thought that I wouldn’t have a chance with my body, because you always imagine escorts to be very thin and stereotypically beautiful. But the opposite is true, because in reality there are sex workers of all shapes and sizes, just like in any other profession.«

Especially in this industry, body awareness is very important in order to finally abolish unrealistic and harmful beauty standards that are often imposed on women. In addition, those who feel self-confident and comfortable in their own skin strengthen their self-esteem and are more likely to stand up for themselves in cases of discrimination or body shaming.

»Only through my work as a curvy model and sex worker was I able to accept my body and sexuality in a way I never thought possible. And I can help others explore their own desires in a safe and consensual way. That was a liberating experience for me and helped me feel more self-confident and comfortable in my own skin. The more I internalized this, the better I was customers as well. You can only communicate eye to eye with customers if you are self confident. Those who feel uncomfortable in their bodies are much more easily exploited, they don’t set boundaries, or allow their own services to be talked down.«

She emphasizes, »Meanwhile I have many regular customers who are specifically looking for exactly what I have to offer. I know my worth and my customers appreciate that.«

Kaufmich, as a community and social network,supports all sex workers when it comes to body positivity and they everyday reality of sex work – two topics that are closely linked. Whether young or old, chubby or thin, short or tall, with or without body hair, cup size A or HH, or perhaps with a physical disability – this community supports sex workers in working independently and helps promoting authenticity and safety.


Kaufmich functions as a free social network. The focus is clearly on the community and exchange among its members. Founded in 2009, the portal today has over 8 million visitors and 150 million page views per month, making it the largest community for sex workers and clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The portal is the first stop for escorts and helps them organize their workday, exchange ideas with the community, and find new customers.

Kaufmich differs significantly from traditional classified ad sites and search engines, because the focus here is on relationship-building with escorts and understanding how the job of sex workers functions today. That’s why Germany’s largest community for sex workers and clients chose the name Kaufmich, to make clear that this is not a private dating platform where you look for friends or life partners, but that it is all about the oldest profession in the world.

Kaufmich empowers and supports sex workers every day in working independently, ensuring authenticity and safety. Features like the Date Manager, a rating system, and a Safer Sex badge enable sex workers to emphasize the offer of safe sex services. Profile verification and 18+ checks also increase trust among sex workers as well as their clients.

On, clients find everything from a stylish date to a quick sexy adventure to the perfect escort service. Those interested get in touch, eye to eye and discrete. And the individual arrangements remain solely between those getting in touch with each other. Paid sex is no longer taboo today and the community grows daily. Kaufmich brings the oldest profession in the world into the 21st century.


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