2.7 million search terms tell us what men really want in bed

Blondes clearly preferred!

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Dating platform user data reveals what men really want in bed

  • 57 percent of German men prefer blondes
  • Two out of three men look for a woman with double D cup breasts or larger
  • 50% like natural intimate hair on their sexual partner
  • Sexual desires: A surprising number of men are looking for tender, romantic sex

Internal user data from the erotic classifieds portal Erobella gives an insight into the minds of men from all over Germany. The dating platform has evaluated over 2.7 million data points from users in more than 350 cities in Germany – from Aachen to Zwickau – including what their ideal dream woman looks like and which erotic preferences are currently the most popular.

Blondes clearly preferred!

The ‘dream’ woman for German men using Erobella is blonde with large breasts. The stereotype is true it seems, based on search volumes on the dating platform. Over half (57%) of Erobella’s users are specifically looking for a woman with blonde hair. Black-haired women, on the other hand, are only sought by thirteen percent of men. However, redheads are more popular, with over a fifth of men (22 per cent) showing a preference.

The overwhelming majority show a preference for large breasts

Erobella’s German users prefer their dream woman to have large or even very large breasts. More than two-thirds of the men surveyed prefer a fuller cup size, such as D cup or larger (71 percent). Only 17 percent prefer small or very small breasts (cup sizes AA and A to B) in female counterparts.

erotic preferences German men

Intimate hair: ‘Natural’ is very much in vogue

The data also shows a clear preference when it comes to the question of pubic hair: for the vast majority (75%), pubic hair growth is perfectly fine. And that's not all: every second man expressly wishes for a partner with natural pubic hair. On the other hand, only 25% of Erobella’s users request a completely shaven pubic area.

Sex desires: Men like it from hard to soft

Whilst the two most popular sexual practices are, perhaps unsurprisingly, double penetration and anal sex, less hardcore options also score highly with Erobella users. Indeed, nearly as popular are rather soft sex variants such as extra-long foreplay, the Nuru massage and French kissing. All in all, men on the Erobella dating platform have the opportunity to choose from 82 erotic preferences.

The top 5 sex desires of men at a glance:


Erotic Preferences German Men

Why are the data and findings particularly meaningful?

Unlike conventional dating sites, Erobella users are looking for short-term paid contacts or
companionship. The financial aspect reinforces the meaningfulness of the data, since it can be assumed that, when money is involved, men will be more upfront about their preferences.

Erobella examined an extensive data set including 2.7 million data points from around one million users from the period between January 28th and September 6th, 2021. The results show that even if many a male cliché is confirmed by the data, male sexuality overall can be much more complex.

About Erobella: The online platform Erobella connects reputable providers of sexual services, escort companions and models with real customers. In addition, Erobella is committed to the interests of sex workers in Germany and against the stigmatization of the industry. Note to editors: Results and findings are available at local level for around 350 cities and municipalities and can be submitted at short notice on request.


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