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vrxcity micaela schäfer

In Bed With Micaela Schäfer

Nearly ten years ago, the movie hit Avatar sparked a real 3D boom in the movie industry, but sometime before that, it had already...

VirtualMate Crowdfunding Complete Success

The crowdfunding effort by VirtualMate, a VR company, was a resounding success. The self-imposed goal of selling 500 units of the VirtualMate system at...
pleasure-box VR

BadoinkVR & VR-P Install VR Cabins In German Sex Shops

The golden age of video booths has long been over. With VR porn, however, the business model could experience a revival. That at least...

Terpon Signed Licensing Deal For VR Patent

Terpon, a provider of VR cam equipment and solutions for webcam models and studios, has signed a license agreement with the patent company VIT....
stripchat VR cams

Stripchat Launches VR Camgirl Experience

It was only a matter of time before the first camgirls discovered VR technology to increase their business potential. Now the time has come,...
neu bei terpon models

Terpon Offering VR Equipment For Free

Webcam manufacturer Terpon offers camgirls and studios that register with the company the opportunity to receive 3D VR cameras free of charge. This applies...
new 360 rize vr camera

360Penguin Seeks Crowdfunding For Affordable VR Cameras

A small startup called 360Penguin is raising money on Kickstarter to roll out a VR camera that could make it dramatically easier and cheaper...
vr-bangers stolen

VR Bangers Launches Interactive Halloween Horror Special

Have you ever been frustrated with Horror movies? Do the wrong characters die by the hand of some evil villain? Here is your chance...
Augmented Reality Porn

Augmented Reality: Have a Sexy Houseguest in Front of You

ARConk and Laidhub.com announced that they developed an app which will allow the user to see performers in their very own environment. According to...
mica´s sommerhaus

Mica’s Summer House of Pornstars

Berlin, Germany - This summer, Reality Lovers has brought some of Germany’s adult industry’s hottest performers under one roof. The studio has created a parody...