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Winners of the Underwhelming Pornhub Awards 2018

The eagerly awaited first installment of the Pornhub Awards was held last week in Los Angeles. It was directed by Kanye West and hosted...
kanye west at the pornhub awards 2018

Kanye West Director of Pornhub Awards

The rumors turned out to be true: Kanye West is creative co-director of the first Pornhub Awards streaming live tonight. Recently the international megastar...

MindGeek Rolling Out Modelhub On YouPorn

The streaming platform YouPorn, owned by the Canadian media company MindGeek, has announced that it will integrate the Modelhub marketplace. This means that performers...
hbo no more adult content

HBO Throws Out Adult Entertainment – Pornhub To The Rescue

The Emmy decorated pay tv channel HBO was once home of several adult entertainment offerings that were much loved by fans. Over the last...
violent sex popular with women

More Women Than Men Watch Rough Sex and Hardcore Porn

One of the more surprising revelations the giant data pool owned by the world's biggest porn conglomerate MindGeek is telling us is that men...
kayne west

Kanye West Loves Pornhub and Blacked.com

On the Late Night Talk Show »Jimmy Kimmel Live«, rapper Kanye West admitted to being a big fan of Pornhub and Blacked.com. Greg Lansky...

Pornhub Announces Categories for Pornhub Awards

The tube platform Pornhub which is part of the MindGeek Group is joining the prestigious business of award shows. The categories in which Pornhub...

Reading Porn: Subtitled Movies Now On Pornhub

The world's largest porn site has announced that users can now activate subtitles for around 1,000 of its movies. The step is intended to...