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Defending Against Deepfake Dangers in the Digital Age

In the spotlight of digital evolution, a sinister trend casts a shadow over the internet's dazzling gleam, as Taylor Swift and countless others have...
deep fake samsung

Samsung Makes Deepfaking Easier

Researchers at the Samsung Group have developed a technology that will make it even easier to produce deepfake porn in the future. The company...
operation minerva

Operation Minerva Promises To Help Victims of Revenge Porn and Deepfakes

A commercial spin-off project of the anti-piracy company Takedown Piracy promises quick help to victims of revenge porn and involuntary appearances in so-called deepfakes....

Scarlett Johansson Gave Up Fighting Deepfakes

You may remember the worldwide headlines about deepfake that were written last year. VENUS ADULT NEWS has also reported on the phenomenon in which...