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Data Breach At German Online Retailer Amorelie

The German sex toy retailer Amorelie is currently informing its customers about a security breach of which the company says it became aware at...
Avast verkaufte Nutzerdaten

Antivirus Specialist Avast Sold Customer Data

The company behind the free antivirus software Avast sold user data including browser histories and search queries on a large scale to corporate customers...
Datenleck Webcam Seite

Data Leak On VTS Media Camsites

Users and performers of the cam site operator VTS Media have become victims of a huge data leak. The partially sensitive data is said...

Disobeying Subpoena GirlsDoPorn Producer Left The US

Michael Pratt, the owner of the porn website GirlsDoPorn, which was sued by several performers, did not appear in court. He is said to...
lelo long distance vibrator lyla 2

Controlling Sex Toys From Strangers? Lovense Offers Long-Distance Sex

Lovense, a manufacturer of sex toys that can be controlled via app and web, connects its users through an online forum. There, users can...
data leak

Massive Data Leak At Luscious.net

Team members of a blog about VPN providers have discovered that numerous data and profile histories of over 1 million users of the porn...