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Durex In The Midst Of A Gender Struggle In India

Durex is one of the world's largest condom brands and also one of the most important market players in India. The company is constantly...
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Condom Survey By Adam & Eve Contains Shocking Results

The sex shop chain Adam & Eve has asked 1,000 adults whether a condom has broken or slipped in the course of their sex...
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Still Unloved: Condom Study by Adam & Eve

A study by the US sex shop chain Adam & Eve shows that there is room for innovation and improvement in the seemingly unchanging...

At Least 200 Million Women Without Access To Contraceptives

According to a study by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, at least 200 million women worldwide have no regular access to contraceptives. This...
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SKYN Publishes Intimacy Survey On Millennials

The condom producer SKYN has conducted a survey on intimacy among 18-38-year-olds in the USA and Canada. The study assigned respondents to the age...
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Durex & RED Launch Ad Campaign For Aids Day 2018

Durex, one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world, has teamed up with the AIDS organisation RED and, in cooperation with the Freuds...

California REJECTS Condoms For Porn Actors

Condoms will not be made mandatory in the porn industry's capital, California. HIV prevention groups have spent years lobbying for legislation to criminalize unprotected...

California voters reject Prop. 60

The adult film industry scored a big victory in California as voters Tuesday rejected a ballot proposition that would have required porn film actors to wear condoms...