What’s Stormy Daniels Up To? Reality TV!


During the Trump presidency Stormy Daniels much publicized affair with the scandalous businessman turned politician made her one of the best known women on earth. The last two years though she didn’t appear as often in the media. Now the blonde superstar is back. She will co-sar in a new season of the MTV reality show »The Surreal Life«. 

The Surreal Life was one of the first notorious reality shows that run for six seasons between 2003 and 2006. For the show’s comeback the producers hired Stormy Daniels alongside basketball legend Dennis Rodman, the singer Tamar Braxton, musician August Alsina, and YouTuber Manny Mua. Additionally the actress Kim Coles, wrestler C.J. Perry, and Frankie Muniz from »Malcolm in the Middle« will also take part.

While Stormy Daniels was initially skeptic about participating in the notorious format, she changed her mind when producers told her the reboot will look different. The new concept will focus more on authenticity and the so-called real story behind the celebrities and stars that take part in it. The press coverage the stars had will be an essential part of the series.

Stormy said, »Obviously, the Trump stuff was of great interest but I also saw it as my chance to shed light on people in the adult industry and that we are actual human beings. I haven’t seen the show yet and we all know footage can be edited to spin things but I believe what was captured was effective in achieving the goal of the show.«

A trailer has already been made public and hints at a comeback of reality TV that suffered a setback in recent years. Apparently, a strange doll called Susan will be at Stormy’s side. Entertainment Tonight wrote, »While sitting with her ‘haunted doll Susan,’ Daniels shared in the trailer that people might recognize her for being ‘the girl that [fucked] Trump,’ after she made headlines back in 2018 for allegedly having an affair with the former President.«

The Susan Doll already has social media presence and there you can read that »it was not until Susan interacted with Stormy that she became truly active and began to excel in the form of communication and even movement. Witnesses have heard Susan speak, seen her eyes shift and even her physical body pivot and move. And yes, we have it documented.«

That sounds so weird that it seems questionable that the reality format will really be less freaky and more authentic than the original. But Stormy Daniels is back and again front and center in mainstream media.


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