Sasha Grey is Back!

grey comeback

Legendary porn star and media sensation Sasha Grey is stepping back into the limelight. This time though as a musician. Grey is cooperating with the industrial rock band PIG on a cover version of KC & the Sunshine’s »That’s the Way (I Like It)«.

It was always well known that retired porn star Sasha Grey is a multi-talent. Nevertheless, it was a little quiet lately around the former omnipresent performer. Now she will make a comeback of sorts and fans can see her performing again. Grey can be seen singing and acting in the new music video by the industrial rock band PIG. The »band« consists only of one band member though, his name is called Raymond Watts.

The two will cover KC & the Sunshine’s hit »That’s the Way (I Like It)«, a popular song that has already been covered by several musicians, among them Dead or Alive and Spin Doctors. The new rendition by PIG and Sasha Grey comes along much darker than previous covers. As Grey was always known as a performer pushing the limits and favoring rather extreme scenes the cover probably fits quite well with her image. And indeed the video makes allusions to SM and uses mild BDSM imagery.

Her collaborator Raymond Watts said: »Sasha is a total joy to work with. She has an intuitive understanding, a great sense of humor and great delivery. She completely got the idea of the song working as duet and it is a true PIG/Sasha Grey collaboration.«

In the months to come PIG will be touring across the US. The song was pre-released on Pornhub but is now available on Youtube:


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