WoodRocket Released Lego Movie Parody


As we recently published an article about Lego porn (which was not meant to be serious), we can’t help but announce it: There is now a porn parody of the current sequel of the animation blockbuster »The Lego Movie«. Was that necessary? It seems so.

One of the busiest studios in the porn parody niche is WoodRocket. Lee Roy Myers’ company is regularly honored for its cheaply produced, but otherwise extremely funny porn parodies of worldwide blockbusters. From time to time they cross the line to absurd or surreal art performances. The company recently received AVN Awards for »Hamiltoe« and »The Puppet Inside Me«, both of which were collaborations with Pornhub. Last year, the studio also made international headlines with parodies of the blockbuster video game hits Red Dead Redemption II (Red Dead Erection) and Fortnite (Fortnut).

WoodRocket bets on Lego-Porn
Now Lego, the friendly Danish toy company, is being targeted by the humorous company. With »The Laygo Movie: A Porn Parody« the porn studio serves a somewhat quirky genre, which we recently took a closer look at for our own amusement. Now it seems to develop into a real niche: Lego porn.

With the recent release of »The Lego Movie 2«, the makers of WoodRocket took action and brought their film to market with porn stars Gabriella Paltrova and Donnie Rock. Director was Vuko and, as with almost all WoodRocket productions, studio founder Lee Roy Myers.

The parody can be seen for free on the portals Pornhub.com and WoodRocket.com. An extended version can be found exclusively on Pornhub Premium.

Here is the trailer for the »Laygo Movie«:


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