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mica´s sommerhaus

Berlin, Germany – This summer, Reality Lovers has brought some of Germany’s adult industry’s hottest performers under one roof.

The studio has created a parody of the famous Reality show that is taking Germany by storm – Das Sommerhaus der Stars, attracting over 12 million viewers in Europe’s largest economy. Reality Lovers’ re-imagined version is called Mica’s Sommerhaus der Pornostars – The summer house of pornstars.

In a reality show filled with suspense, the stars were often pitted against each other as they share the villa for a full week. The best part is that the show is shot in a mix of stunning virtual reality and 2D for that one-of-a-kind experience.

According to Reality Lovers spokesperson, at the outset, many of the stars when approached were intrigued by the project because it is such a hot series on German TV – especially when they heard that Micaela Schaefer was hosting it. “Once the first ones were booked, it turned into this snowball effect, with more and more wanting to take part. Micaela’s star appeal was what attracted many of the others to join this unique project, reveals the company’s CEO René Pour.”

All the house occupants were shuttled to the show’s top secret location, only sure of one thing – that they were invited by Micaela Schaefer, the star host of the original Sommerhaus and that they could bring their partner along. This is where all the similarities with the original hit series end.

The list of Mica’s house guests reads like Germany’s who is who list of the adult industry, including top performers and moderators: Micaela Schaefer – host, Texas Patty, Jason Steel, Lilli Vanilli, Mark, Aurel, Jolee Love, Dylan Brown, Kimber Lee, Bailey Paris, Aische Pervers, and Conny Dachs – moderator.

The last occupant on the list, Conny Dachs, is a industry veteran presenter for 23 years, called on for the difficult task of reigning in the 10 strong personalities, each vying for attention of the ever-present camera crews.

When you gather a bunch of pornstars for several days, sooner or later the discussion turns to shop. From there it soon turned to risqué questions, and from there it was only a small step to all kinds of kinky challenges. And Conny had a bunch of them ready up his sleeve, including a sexy coconut roll, naughty spin the bottle, or guess your partner’s boobs, among many more to turn the heat up.

There were also more philosophical moments when one evening, the discussion over barbecue turned to what it really means to be a pornstar. And you know, when German (porn) stars discuss something, it can get rather serious…

Mica’s Sommerhaus der Pornostars launches September 6th. In addition to the reality show portion for general audiences, there are also 4 hardcore scenes and 1 soft scene.


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