Little Caprice Won Big At This Year’s AVN Awards

Venus Star Little Caprice gewinner AVN Award

VENUS star Little Caprice has succeeded. This year she has been awarded the AVN Award for Best Female Foreign Performer. At the glamorous evening gala, the breathtaking Czech left a lasting impression.

The success story of Little Caprice on her way to becoming a superstar is still ongoing. On her website, she announced: »The last year was a real blast for us. This website keeps growing, and we are creating the best content we can, and I’m sure it will even be better and better, because already now we have so many great updates in progress for you!«

After Little Caprice already had several big appearances in US productions like Tushy last year, she has now been honored with one of the most coveted awards at the most important porn awards in the world.

In her message to her fans, the porn star with Czech roots is almost speechless: »I still can’t believe it happened but I’m holding it in my hands, so it was not a dream lol«

With her presence at last year’s VENUS Berlin, she has set new standards. The cooperation with BangJuice, a Wiesbaden-based manufacturer of liquids for e-cigarettes, was a complete success. It was also in Berlin where the current world star met Marcello Bravo, her husband, colleague and business partner, who of course accompanied her on the red carpet at the AVN Awards.

Regarding the award ceremony, she says: »When I have been sitting there at the show and heard my name, first, I have been thinking it was kind of a mistake ? But than, when I held the heavy trophy in my hands I realize I’m not dreaming! Thank you AVN for choosing me to be the BEST FOREIGN FEMALE PERFORMER OD THE YEAR! It is the highest title I can get as a foreign actress, and I’m so honored. Really. Thank you!!!«

Of course, the brunette beauty also thanked her loyal fans around the world. »Also, thank you all my fans and members here and at my social networks, without you, I will not be here! Your love and support is pushing me forward every day! I love you all!«

Needless to say, Marcello was mentioned as well, and Little Caprice thanked him with touching words: »But the biggest thank you goes to Marcello. He is the best partner in crime, he is supporting me every day, even I’m sometimes looking focus and motivation, he is the one who brings me always back. Thank you, honey, you are making me to be better person. I love you!«

With so much love, chances are it’ll be reciprocated. In the USA as well as in Germany. For more information, please visit the website of Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo.

Here is a video that shows the freshly baked award winner still a bit dazed and ecstatic:


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