Bavarian Parents Trying to Censor Nude Model Micaela Schäfer


Arguably the best-known face of the VENUS, nude star and bosom wonder Micaela Schäfer, causes a stir in the tranquil city of Regensburg. A local promoter is planning a party for young people and has booked the erotic star. Now self-proclaimed moral guardians are protesting against the event.

The 35-year-old Micaela Schäfer is Germany’s most famous erotic star and for years one of the friendliest faces at VENUS Berlin. The always enthusiastic performer has also delighted the readers of Germany’s biggest tabloid BILD for many years. The writers of BILD have been reporting on her half-mockingly, half-glowingly about Schäfer’s famous free attitude. Now a planned appearance of Micaela Schäfer in Regensburg has met resentment from militant parent groups.

Micaela Schäfer remains exciting – in every regard

Of course, the actress is used to such hysterical outcries. Already in 2018, her performance at graduation ball in Austria caused a sensation and some irritation. The school management had not been informed about her performance and therefore seemed to be quite angry. Micaela Schäfer commented on the agitation dryly as usual: »They were all already deflowered anyway!«

On March 22, 2019, Micaela Schäfer will take part in the so-called SchoolsOut Party in a student club in Regensburg. The party is also open to young people aged 16 and over. The organizer Pierre van Hooven, who invited Micaela Schäfer, sees no problem in this. »I don’t understand all the fuss,« he says. »At 16, everyone has seen a naked woman before.« Apart from that, there is also an immense difference between eroticism and pornography, but the guardian of morals obviously prefer to overlook that distinction.

A tit-boycott in Bavaria? Hardly any chance of success

A local parents’ group wants to prevent Schäfer’s performance, although the chances of a ban on her appearance are rather slim. After all, it is not forbidden to exhibit your breasts. Nevertheless, the Youth Welfare Office, called in by the fearful parents, coerced the organizer into promising that Michaela Schäfer would not show her breasts. She may only partially expose her beating arguments. Van Hooven remarked in a sarcastic manner: »Adhesive tape will help.«

However, he wants to advise Schäfer to make a somewhat toned-down appearance: »I’ve asked her to restrain herself a little.« This is an immense courtesy on the part of the organizer because normally the performer is more likely to be engaged to heat up the audience than to calm them down.

Micaela Schäfer herself has little understanding for all the agitation and appears to be rebellious. »Of course, I will play with my breasts. You can expect nothing less.«

That a naked woman’s breast could still cause a stir in 2019 will hopefully only elicit an amused head shake from future generations. Only in Bavaria.


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