Bang Bros Warns Of Fraudulent Casting Call

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The famous porn studio Bang Bros issued a warning that someone is pretending to work for the studio and sending out recruitment offers via Twitter.

One of the biggest names in porns has published a warning message to all performers. An impostor is trying to reach out to possible performers and models while pretending to be representing Bang Bros.

The studio released the warning on Twitter and also published the message the impostor is sending out to possible victims: »Hello how are you doing. My name is Abigail, and I am Bang Bros’ recruiting agent. I’ve been recruiting for Bang Bros Inc. for three years now. This is good news to those who are willing to become Bang Bros porn stars and also want to be famous because. Bang Bros is holding a recruitment program around the globe. With just $255 you can get yourself recruited under Bang Bros porno recruitment program. Reply back if you’re interested or write us via [email protected]«

The fake Twitter account also claims: »If you are interested to become a popular porn star and want to make good money out of this career, just send me a message.«

The adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) pointed out that all performers can check with the organisation if they are in doubt about the identity of casting agents, studios and directors. The FSC’s communications director, Mike Stabile, said: »We’ve been seeing a rise in bogus model recruitment over the past few years, ranging from financial scams to rape-by-fraud. Unfortunately, it’s rarely treated with any seriousness from law enforcement.«

The risks and dangers though are obvious. He added: »We’ve been working with performers and producers to raise awareness within the community and issuing public alerts anytime we see a new scam. Any performer who wants to confirm a potentially fraudulent contact can always contact FSC directly at [email protected]

If you want to become a member of the FSC or intent to support their work go to


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