Steve Holmes Gives Acceptance Speech for His XBIZ Award Via YouTube

steve holmes

Legendary porn actor Steve Holmes has won the XBIZ Award for Best Foreign Actor for the second time in a row. The busy porn performer took this opportunity to thank the industry and his fans on his YouTube channel for their support.

Steve Holmes is undoubtedly one of the few really well-known male porn stars. Due to his many years of involvement in the productions of the groundbreaking but no longer in-house producing fetish studio, his face has not only become known to BDSM aficionados. His work has made him one of the most famous porn stars of his generation far beyond the confines of fetish.

On his YouTube channel he regularly publishes Behind-the-Scenes material, interviews with his shooting partners and short statements on various topics. Since he often plays in rather extreme scenes, these contexts are often helpful and important to shed more light on the important topic of consent in productions involving harsh brutality.

Here is Steve Holmes’ statement and thank-you speech for this year’s XBIZ Award:


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