A Special Highlight Of The VENUS: The Guided Tour For The Blind

Blindenführung erotik messe

On the initiative of the Berlin blogger and music journalist Hans-Peter Sperber, a guided tour for the blind took place during this year’s VENUS. Blind and visually impaired visitors were accompanied on their tour by Drag-Queen Ella Mortadella and Youtube star and VENUS Award winner Aaron Troschke.

During the 23rd VENUS Berlin, there was a very special guided tour. For the fourth time, there was a walk to some of the most exciting booths of the fair, a tour specially designed for the blind.

The tour was developed in cooperation with the Allgemeine Blinden- und Sehbehinderten-Verein (ABSV) and was once again accompanied with humor and sensitivity by Drag Queen Ella Mortadella. This time, the Youtube and quiz show winner Aaron Troschke also took part.

The Swedish high-end manufacturer LELO was one of the stops on the guided tour for the blind, as was the German specialist for electrostimulation Mystim, who this year, thanks to a cooperation with Micaela Schäfer, was even more of a magnet for many visitors than usual. Everywhere the participants of the tour learned a lot about the various toys and products and were able to touch and try out a lot. VENUS Face and Germany’s erotic star number 1 Micaela Schäfer was on hand for photos and short conversations.

After this introduction to toys, the group was introduced to the new developments in the sex doll sector. Here, too, the tour participants were able to touch the dolls and inspect the material.

The booth of VENUS sponsor “Erotic Hypnosis” was also attended by the group. All participants of the tour received a sample CD of erotic hypnosis. In addition, a live demonstration by a trained hypnotist was offered. Directly beside the hypnosis experts, there was also something culinary to taste: an aphrodisiac.

In between, there were numerous opportunities to meet stars and celebrities. Besides Lena Nitro, Mariska and Mia Bitsch were also available for conversations and selfies.

In the end, the participants were thrilled and enthusiastic about the tour, so that next year the 5th guided tour for the blind is sure to take place again at the VENUS Berlin.



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