If You’re Trump, Christian Women Let You Do It

cnn trump
Female Trump voters and fans with religious backgrounds walked the extra mile on CNN to justify why Trump’s supposedly immoral behavior and sexist views of women are not at odds with their religious convictions. The affair with porn star Stormy Daniels apparently doesn’t do anything to weaken their support for the President.
The strange interview with six Christian Trump devotees was held by CNN reporter Randi Kaye. The women defending President Trump wholeheartedly are from Dallas, Texas and unwavering in their support for the heavily criticized President. In tone with the absurd situation was the start of the interview: the women prayed for Trump. All women were blond and white and say they voted for Trump because of his conservative convictions.
As an eery reminder of the apparently unshakable base of this President, one of the woman exclaims: »I know that God is the one who ordained him to be in this position.« The woman praises Trump for being pro-life, fighting for freedom of religion and churches and his appointment for the Supreme Court.
The CNN reporter asks the women if they are at all concerned or shaken by the alleged affair of the President with porn star Stormy Daniels, but they all declared »No.« They think he deserves a pass as long as he is fighting for the conservative agenda.
Watch the full interview here:


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