Winners of the 2023 Bazowie! Awards for Cosplay Content

bazowie awards

The winners of the 2023 Bazowie! Awards have been announed in the first week of March. Zinetastic created the award show to celebrate the growing niche of adult content for cosplayers.

Zinetastic, a website dedicated to preserving the history of the zine revolution and promoting alternative and DIY publishing, has recently introduced an award to celebrate achievements in adult cosplay media. This award is a part of Zinetastic’s efforts to support and promote alternative forms of expression and self-publishing, and recognizes the creativity and innovation in the field.

The introduction of this award reflects the growing popularity and importance of cosplay as a theme in adult entertainment. it combines elements of performance art, fashion, and fandom to create a unique and engaging form of self-expression. By recognizing and celebrating achievements in this field, Zinetastic is helping to elevate and legitimize adult cosplay as a valid and valuable form of media and entertainment and leaving its mark on the porn market.

These are the winners of the Bazowie! Awards:

Sexiest Cosplayer
Virtual Lady

Fan Favorite Sexiest Cosplayer
Sonya Vibe

The Quirkiest Accomplishment
Best Disgusting Penis Memorial for a Beloved Alien Barbarian:
Cuttlefish by GWAR and Bad Dragon

The Fan Favorite Quirkiest Accomplishment
Best Human/Adorable Critter Collaboration (Feline Division):
KristieBish and Lionel

Best Detailed Cosplayer
Ivy Tenebrae

Best Kawaii Cosplayer
Marica Hase

Best Spoopy Cosplayer
Raven Noir

Best Use of Norse Lore in a Thirst Trap
Zorinn D

Best Fandom Magazine
Cosplay Society

Best Human/Adorable Critter Collaboration (Suidae Division)
Marica Hase and Buusan the pig

Best Streaming Platform

Best Membership Site For Fandom

Fan Favorite Membership Site For Fandom
Blue Blood’s EroticFandom

Best Placement of an Alien Facehugger Tattoo
Misha Montana (AltErotic)

Best Cosplay Cam
Emily Bloom

Best Nerd Cam

Best Use of Drag in SF, Fantasy, and Horror Fandom
The Boulet Brothers‘ Dragula: Titan (Shudder)

Best Fandom Clip Artist
Sia Siberia

Fan Favorite Fandom Clip Artist
Koji – Little Pixie Kitten

Best Sci Fi Themed Toy
Rocco from Nothosour

Best Fantasy Themed Toy
Ky’el from Bad Dragon

Best Horror Themed Toy
Arachnie Maw from DarquePath

Fan Favorite Horror Themed Toy
Penis Fly Trap FTM Stroker from Chillow Fantasy

Best Anime Themed Toy
Drone from CLLovecrafts

Best Replicant Love Doll
MollyRedWolf Doll from Elsa Babe

Best Use of Elvira Cosplay Panties for the Greater Good
Diana “Darcy the Mail Girl” Prince (The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs)

Best VR Experience
Game Of Thrones Rhaenyra Targaryen with Lilly Bell (VR Conk)

Best Cosplay Photographer
Shiro Ang

Best Disgusting Penis Memorial for a Beloved Alien Barbarian
Cuttlefish by GWAR and Bad Dragon

Best Human/Adorable Critter Collaboration (Feline Division)
KristieBish and Lionel


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