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The Venus Encyclopedia of Weird Sex Stuff: RubGrub

It’s finally happening: Rome, the end of times. Because brace yourselves people, the RubGrub is there. That is the name webcam operator CamSoda chose for its newest creation. The company announced the release of a vibrator that orders pizza following an orgasm. The slogan? Get off, and get stuffed!

The sex toy industry went from shady garage sales of pink rubber dildos to Apple-like product unveilings becoming a global industry estimated to generate $20 billion in annual revenue. Manufactureres are licensing the names of rock bands, Hollywood blockbusters like »Fifty Shades of Grey« and feminist comedy series like Comedy Central’s »Broad City«. All this most of the times accompanied by the sex-positive message of promoting sexual health. But now there is a sex toy ordering Pizza for you. Congrats my friends, we’ll never have to leave the house again.

Daryn Parker, Vice President of CamSoda said in a comment: »Masturbation, while ultimately enjoyable, can be a strenuous physical activity during which an individual exerts a lot of energy and burns many calories. Inevitably, once someone has climaxed, they feel lethargic and hungry. That, coupled with the fact that we live in a society where people want everything at their fingertips, led us to the development of RubGrub. Now, in order to enjoy your Saturday night, all you need is your RubGrub device. Get off and get stuffed, all with the quick click of a button.«

So how does this gate to ultimate decadence work? First you connect your sex toy with the internet. (Still following?). Then you enter your payment and delivery and order information which in this case will be connected to the API of the Pizza chain Domino. Then you use the toy according to whatever it is you enjoy. And once you are done, you push the button. A few minutes later a large Cheese Pizza will be delivered to you. (I wonder what the pioneer of combining »Fuck« and food, renowned star chef Gordon Ramsay, has to say about this.)

Rubgrub has been developed in collaboration with Lovense. The RubGrub button alone will be available for $19.95 and can be added to »Nora« a Lovense sex toy. If you want to buy both as a bundle you can order it for $119.95. For now food orders can only be placed at Dominos but CamSoda announced that other restaurant chains, including those serving Mexican and Chinese food will be added.

CamSoda is advertising the product with a photo story outlining one of porn’s long running role play scenarios. A pretty girl opens the door to a delivery guy. It’s all looking like the start to an enjoyable porn flick. But then the girl just eats the pizza. What the hell?

The product might be the end of this popular and quite lazy scenario. If the toy does its job you probably just came and won’t be tempted to invite the delivery person into your bedroom. But who cares? After ordering this toy you are on your way to a sex and cheese filled paradise.

If you want to know more or consider ordering it, click here. (I mean, that’s a no brainer right?)



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