The Venus Encyclopedia of Weird Sex Stuff: Air Sex

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Running a trade magazine for the famous Venus trade show based in Berlin has its perks. One definitive pro would be that you are never short of interesting anecdotes, sassy tidbits and sleazy facts. The disadvantage is obvious: the knowledge is quite useless. Unless you are in the sex business. Which you, dear reader, definitely are. Or why else would you read ABOUT porn and sex toys instead of looking at porn while using some kind of SONA or Fleshlight like everybody else? So this new series is for you: the Venus Encyclopedia of Weird Sex Stuff. The first installment will be about air sex.

What now? How now? Am I high on some findom’s forced intox poppers game? Nope. Air sex. It’s a thing. And as it is with all things holy or unholy, if there is a thing, humans make it competitive. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that there is something called the »Air Sex World Championships«.

But first things first. What is air sex? Well, you know air guitar, right? The fun drunken bar sport where some geeky dude mimics playing on a non-existent guitar to a well-known rock or pop tune. Now imagine that but instead of playing the guitar you mimic having sex. The part of the non-existing guitar will be played by a non-existing partner. It goes without saying that air sex can be quite hilarious and funny. But if the person doing the air sex bit is taking it serious AND additionally has some talent, it can actually be quite arousing.

Back to the World Championships in air sex. It all started out as a joke of course. And for some it still is. Comedian Chris Trew might be the inventor – at least of the championship which is a touring roadshow taking place in cities all over the US. Every two months the event is held in Austin, Texas. And the Air Sex Championships might be funny but they are no joke at all. Trew was able to get stars to be the judges of the acts. Among them, porn stars like Kayden Kross or Hollywood actors like David Arquette. The whole thing is lighthearted and sex-positive. The first known occurrence of air sex took place on Valentine’s Day of 2007 when Chris Trew joked around parodying air guitar.

There are four rules that all so-called airsexuals have to comply with if they want to take part in the championships. 1. Sex is only allowed with an invisible partner. 2. No real orgasms allowed. (Pretending to orgasm though is okay of course.) 3. There should be music involved. 4. No full nudity allowed. Other than that everything is allowed. And the contestants do take advantage of these creative freedoms. It is not a show of boring air humping. Good airsexuals become very creative. A fact that you can also see in their stage names. People like Red Hot Chili Pussy or Fucktastic are stars within the community.

There is also a documentary about this quite interesting niche of human behavior. It is called »Air Sex: The Movie« from 2015. The film crew followed the championship tour and covers Chris Trew’s wonderful world of madness and airy delights.


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