TMZ Reports: Ron Jeremey To Be Sued For Sexual Assault

we all should take a knee

After years of rumors and widely publicized abuse allegations against the legendary porn actor, Ron Jeremy might get his day in court. Gossip site TMZ reports that a lawsuit was filed against Jeremy in a civil court.

The accuser is radio host Kristen Brodie. She claims that the performer »violently groped« her during an event in September 2017. According to her the porn actor went on to grope her ass, penetrated her through her underwear and pulled her shirt down to suck on her breast.

The accuser claims to suffer under PTSD since the alleged assault and that she also went through a miscarriage caused by the stress of the assault. She reported her allegations to the Police in Tacoma. The Attorney’s Office of Tacoma declined to press charges though so the accuser’s only option now is to try to go to a civil court. While that doesn’t say anything about the truth to the accuser’s claims this is not the first time the porn legend is facing allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse.

In 2017 Ginger Banks published a YouTube video describing her experiences with Jeremy during an industry event. Pornstars Danica Dane, Jay Taylor and Jennifer Steele also made serious allegations against Jeremy. As a result, Ron Jeremy is banned from several industry events like Exxxotica and got stripped of his FSC Award.

AVN reached Ron Jeremy for a statement. The porn actor claims to be innocent and accuses his accusers of lying: »That’s a lie. They lied. I did not do that. We had tons of security. And it was not a Disney store, it was an X-rated store … where they had security cameras 24 hours around the clock, everything is on camera. [The DA] dismissed it. What are you gonna do?«

He went on attacking his accuser: »Just ’cause she wants to get her day in the sun. It’s like, great, another case at my expense. She was dropped by the police and by the DA, but in America, people can still sue. So here we go again. I mean, I went from being the best-known porn star in the world to getting booed by 23-year-olds. I mean, what the fuck?«



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