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Half time: Lets evaluate the adventure

texas patti in usa

Texas Patti has been touring through the US for five weeks now. Another five weeks are still ahead. The goal in the land of unlimited possibilities is to break into the market. And she has already succeeded. We asked Texas Patti what she experienced so far!

VAN: Patti, how are you feeling in Los Angeles?

Texas Patti: Just great! We really like it here. Also, because we experience really exciting things almost every day. And it’s a lot of fun to start all over again and immerse yourself in a new market.

VAN: That’s nice to hear. What exactly do you mean by “starting all over again”?

Texas Patti: Let’s face it, although I’m not an unknown face in our industry in Germany and maybe also in Europe, in the US I’m only one of many. So, I have to earn my spurs here again. It is like doing the high school diploma again in a completely new environment but using the already gained experience and knowledge.

VAN: On the subject of “experience”: How do you feel now in your role as MILF?

Patti: Wow, a good question. Honestly? The first one or two weeks were tough for me. But then I thought to myself: I can show how fit a MILF can be! And here in the US I am the teen among the MILFs. Because for many people here you are already a MILF with 25 years. But of course most of the known actresses are over 50. And basically, it does not matter where or how old you are. What matters is the passion for the things you are doing. The success will follow.

VAN: Another good transition! Topic Success: Please tell us what you’ve achieved here already.

Patti: I thought you never ask! (laughs) For a German it is really a great success, which I could experience here. I’ve already shot with EVIL ANGLE and released two DVDs. I’ve partnered with HARD X1 DVD, Devils Films, BRAZZERS, Pervcity, Bamsvision, and – the biggest news of the past four weeks – Naughty America, VR Bangers, and WANKZ VR! I am more than satisfied. The close contact to AVN – one of the most important media in this context – helps me a lot. In addition, I was allowed to act not only in front of but also behind the camera as a producer and director. Alterotic gave me the order to produce a format. Which is very exciting! And that’s really Family Business. Because my husband also produces many formats for HITZEFREI.COM here. Everything is going really well.

VAN: Congratulations and thank you for the update! One more question: Are you taking part at the VENUS?

Patti: Are you serious? Of course! Even if I would live 9 of 12 months here in the US, the VENUS will forever be my home, which I will never neglect.

VAN: That’s nice to hear. We will come back to you again in a few weeks for another update! Thank you.

Patti: No problem! Thanks!


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