Svakom With Innovative New Sleeve Set »Hedy X«

Hedy X Svakom

The US sex toy brand Svakom released a new set of stroking sleeves for men called Hedy X. The innovative set is a visually new version of the original Hedy set and comes with five different textures.

The new stroker set by Svakom comes in five versions all of them with a different texture that has been branded by the company with passionate words trying to capture the experience attached with the sleeve’s design.

The five different versions are called »Confidence«, »Experience«, »Reaction«, »Speed« and »Control« and Svakom promises that the double-sided textures »will take you to a new high«. All strokes are easy to clean and reusable up to 10 times.

The One-Size-Fits-All design of the material is stretchable and comes with a self-drain case. The appearance of the stroker is very discrete, and the whole set comes with a special lube for every stroker.

The company says that »the reversible design of Hedy X allows you to multiply your experience just by turning it inside out«. The design of the stroker allows a »unique suction effect, a realistic scenario that comes in 5 different patterns for you to choose from«. Svakom said the inspiration for this upgrade for the Hedy came from all the various ways that people are aroused.

A spokesperson for the company commented: »People are seduced and triggered by different shapes, colors, flavors, smells and emotions and Hedy X was created to represent those contrasts. A smart idea with a polished execution and your mighty touch.«

Removing the plastic covering in each of the pieces will reveal a discreet translucent design that acts as a case to store and transport the toy but also as a drying mount that holds the piece until it dries after washing it. It is also where to find the water-based lubricant sachet that comes with every piece.

Additional information can be found on the company’s website.


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