Superstar Pamela Anderson Signs With LiveJasmin

Pamela Anderson Jasmin

The international TV star Pamela Anderson has been signed by the cam giant LiveJasmin. The parent company of Jasmin has created the position of Creative Director for the superstar. According to the company, the former Baywatch beauty will be seen daily on

The streaming site is to become a focal point for users and influencers who want to explore the topics of lifestyle, relationships and sex-positivity. As front woman and creative director the company hired none but Baywatch star and sextape celebrity Pamela Anderson.

A spokesperson for said: »An offshoot of LiveJasmin, the world’s most successful adult camming site with 50 million daily visitors, Jasmin’s mission is to broaden the appeal of camming through lifestyle influencers with whom members can connect via videos, texts and chats.«

Pamela Anderson has also already commented on the unusual cooperation with the company, which has grown through sexcams. Enthusiastic about her new role at, she says: »At a moment when we’re more socially isolated than ever and loneliness is an epidemic, Jasmin offers a medium for real connections. The more we stay connected human-to-human, the better off we will be.«

In addition to her role as a brand ambassador and creative director, Anderson will regularly lead virtual discussions with experts in the fields of relationships, intimacy and sex positivity. The focus will be on close user involvement.

According to LiveJasmin, they decided to spin off a non-hardcore offering, because their own surveys and analyses of user behaviour have led to the conclusion that there is a huge gap in the market. 70% of the webcam visitors have talked to the webcam performers mainly to fight their feeling of loneliness and less to satisfy themselves sexually. »And, as people have become more socially isolated than ever before, LiveJasmin has only seen its traffic increase.«

The realization that the real business of webcam operators may be fighting loneliness and creating human connections made Karoly Papp, CEO and co-founder of Jasmine, think. He realized that his company was ideally positioned to grow into the mainstream. He says, »realized we needed to provide this audience with a forum that allowed them to do so.«

Papp adds, »We launched Jasmin to help foster human connections around shared common interests. Incorporating influencers, experts and personalities passionate about fitness, well-being, relationships, dating, intimacy and sex positivity is a natural fit for our audience who are looking to engage around these issues.«

In addition to superstar Pamela Anderson, experts such as social psychologist Justin Lehmiller, sexperts Nikki Goldstein and Stephen de Wit as well as transactivist Carmen Carrera will offer formats and streams on Together, they are to become the core and supporting framework for numerous interactions and an ever-growing team of cam performers.

Further information can be found on the website.


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