Stripchat Fighting Against Anti-Masturbation Propaganda


Currently, an anti-sex and anti-lust abstinence movement is trying to gain global attention under the hashtag #NoNutNovember. VENUS exhibitor Stripchat is cooperating with the Sexual Health Alliance to expose the pseudoscientific anti-masturbation campaign.

Cam provider Stripchat has been fighting propaganda against masturbation and sexual freedoms for years. To do this more effectively, the company has sought out the Sexual Health Alliance as a partner. The goal? To expose the pseudoscientific anti-sex campaign »NoNutNovember« as what it is: harmful propaganda.

The people behind #NoNutNovember are trying to portray masturbation as something reprehensible and shameful. Of course, adult entertainment and porn on the Internet are particularly targeted. In contrast to dietary fasting, for example, there are no health-related or scientifically justifiable advantages to living sexually abstinent. Rather the opposite.

The anti-masturbation crusaders promise that the one-month abstinence will have beneficial effects long since refuted as myths: stronger virility, purer skin and more success in seducing the opposite sex. All pure nonsense.

With a public live chat event with Doctor David Ley, Stripchat wants to take a public stand against the anti-masturbation-campaign. Under the title “Why Nut! Defeating Anti-Masturbation Sex Shaming” a chat will take place on November 14 at 4 pm (EST).

Max Bennet is VP of Stripchat. Commenting on the awareness campaign, he said: »Sexual pleasure isn’t just enjoyable, it’s healthy. As an adult entertainment platform, we have a responsibility to fight back against the forces of sexual repression. This November, we couldn’t think of a better topic than to address than the misguided, harmful dogma of the so-called anti-fappers.«

Already since August Stripchat has been offering permanent access to therapists who chat with users about their fears and feelings of shame and try to educate them. This project is immensely successful according to Stripchat and is used by many users. The first live session with Dr. David Ley from the Sexual Health Alliance is said to have had even higher traffic than the adult and porn shows of the cam site.

Regarding the disinformation campaign of the masturbation opponents, Dr. Ley says: »The “No Nut” campaigns are just the latest version of a centuries-old moralising about sex. We don’t need to give people — especially young people — any more reason to feel shame. There’s already so much anxiety about sex and masturbation. The more we can provide accurate information and reduce shame, the better. I hope to speak with users and debunk so much of the bad science that underlies this movement.«

In order to participate in the live chat with their own questions, users have to register with Stripchat, but there are no costs involved. The chat itself is also free of charge.

More information can be found on the Stripchat website.



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