Stormy Daniel’s Dress To Be Tested for Trump’s DNA – Museum Wants To Buy

Stormy Daniels DNS research

Stormy Daniels no longer feels bound by the hush money she allegedly received in 2016 to stay calm about an affair she might have had with the current President of the United States. Now she wants to get the dress she wore on the night she allegedly spent with Trump to be tested for DNA of the President. Meanwhile, the Erotic Heritage Museum is offering to buy the dress.

The endless story about a popular porn actor’s brief affair with a freshly married Donald J. Trump in 2006 just took another strange but amusing turn. After Trump’s lawyer claimed that he paid the hush money to Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket and without any compensation or knowledge of Trump or his campaign, the porn actress argues that the confidentiality agreement is now void. She would therefore be free to talk about the alleged affair.

And apparently, she wants to do exactly that and more. A few days ago she announced that she wants her dress from the night with Trump forensically tested for presidential DNA. Now the Las Vegas-based Erotic Heritage Museum made a public offer to the performer. If the tests prove that Trump’s DNA is on the dress presented by Stormy Daniels, the museum would pay $100,000 to obtain the dress.

Dr. Victoria Hartmann, the director of the Erotic Heritage Museum said that she would pay the sum to the actress herself or make a donation to a charity of her choice.

The museum has a history of trying to buy infamous dresses. It also made an offer to Monica Lewinsky to buy her now legendary blue dress that once proved the affair between the world’s most famous intern and the former President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky did never respond to the offer and probably took it the way it should be taken: as a PR stunt to get the museum into the news.

Hartman though claims the acquisition of these kinds of dresses would be in line with her museum’s mission: »Our acquisition of this artifact will stand as another testament to a long history of our elected officials invading our private lives with conservative values, and yet not practicing what they preach.«

The museum is pushing a sex-positive message and argues that sexual pleasure as well as its depiction are natural aspects of human experience and should therefore be available to all.

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