SMILF Sisters With New Episode

smilf sisters

VENUS star Texas Patti and Shay Sights are back as SMILF Sisters. The two have developed the successful idea of pairing up as sisters that are also MILFs in December 2020.

Texas Patti has already won several awards in the MILF category and is an international expert in the popular segment. Now, she has teamed up with performer Shay Sights to develop a series that will reinvigorate the MILF theme.

In a statement, Patti says, »We’ve been thinking about how to move the MILF theme back into the industry’s focus and have developed the SMILF Sisters series to do just that.« In the series, the two meet other performers and stars in a mock-up cooking collaboration.

Patti adds, »Shay and I have invited different talents from across the industry to cooking with us. Of course, then very quickly the cooking is no longer the focus.«

The plan is to release new episodes every 2 weeks. The mix of hot adult entertainment and comedy is intended to attract new fans to the MILF genre.

A new episode has been released early July.

To learn more, follow their Twitter account:



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