Sex Shop Chain Adam & Eve Launches Podcast

Adam&Eve Podcast

The successful run of several sex-positive podcasts inspired sex shop franchise Adam & Eve to expand its brand into podcasting. The new weekly show will be hosted by Adam & Eve employees and will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and other services for free.

In a time where visuals seem to dominate everything the immense success of podcasts is really astonishing. Media companies big and small are all running podcasts, sometimes as the main gimmick to lure people on their websites, sometimes as an experiment, but most of the times the podcasts make use of the medium of the spoken word in interesting ways, fascinating long-running series are run by the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight but also by many adult entertainment personalities and companies.

Now the sex shop chain Adam & Eve will give it a try. The description accompanying the first episode reads: »The Adam and Eve Podcast wants you to lighten up about sex. Real employees from Adam & Eve discuss sex and popular culture all with a healthy dose of humor. They also share stories of what it’s like working for America’s largest adult product marketer, it’s probably different than you think.«

One of the Adam & Eve employees hosting the show is Joe, he says: »We really wanted to throw back the curtain on what it’s like to live in small town America and work at the nation’s largest adult toy retail operation. So many people have preconceived ideas of what we do and who we are… we thought it would be fun and interesting to share our experiences and ideas about both Adam & Eve and the industry.«

Neal is one of the five other hosts. He adds: »The podcast is all about the side of the adult industry no one ever gets to see — we are just five normal people working for a decidedly not normal company. We share what it’s like to date ‘civilians’ and what we see behind the scenes. Our plan is to have some employees from our Call Center, other departments and guests from all walks of life come on to tell about their experiences, too.«

According to the first episode, each podcast edition will feature discussions about sex and products, sometimes a quiz or a reading. If you want to get in touch with the team running the show write to [email protected].

If you want to know more about Adam & Eve click here. The first episode of the podcast can be found here.


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